Photo: Samuel Hernández.

Thank you for visiting my page and joining me on this adventure!

I grew up in the City of Oaxaca (southern Mexico) surrounded by wonderful culture and traditions. My interest in art and crafts came from a girl, which is why I studied Industrial and Fashion Design. After living and studying in Italy, Spain and the United States, I returned to my country to collaborate in Institutions such as La Casa de las Artesanías de Oaxaca, el Instituto Oaxaqueño de las Artesanías, el Centro de Diseño de Oaxaca and in 2012 I created the brand which bears my name.

In addition to my passion for design, I practice and teach Yoga and Meditation, disciplines that have shown me the path of spirituality and love.

The fact that today you are reading this is not a coincidence, so thank you for being a traveling companion, let us unite to achieve a better world, surrounded by peace and harmony.